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The exceptional deep-cleansing and sculpting facial device

Dream Skin Cleanser

Dream Skin Cleanser

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Inspired by the British Rose's layers of petals and softness, the Dream Skin Cleanser is the luxurious deep-cleansing facial device specifically designed to lift out impurities, makeup and dead skin cells from every pore on the face.

During this revolutionary self-care ritual, 24 differing length and thickness bristles stimulate and detox the skin in depth. In perfect affinity with the skin, ultrasonic technology is expertly engineered within the device to provide a deeply clarifying facial from the comfort of your own home. 

To elevate the sensory experience with a rejuvenating effect, 2 magnetic pearls spin in the head of this tool to help sculpt the face and stimulate the skin to offer radiance and well-being as intensively as a spa facial treatment. 

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