3 Ways to Deal with Post-Eid Blues

3 Ways to Deal with Post-Eid Blues

After the spiritually and emotionally charged month of Ramadan, it's perfectly natural to have feelings of anxiety and sadness after Ramadan since changes in lifestyle do trigger emotional and psychological responses of the body and mind.

However feeling slightly low after Eid is totally curable and a great opportunity for reflection in recognising the importance of spiritual health in your personal health and wellbeing journey. Here are 3 ways that will help you tackle the post Eid blues:

  1. Stay positive and have positive thoughts: It's important to stay positive and for the people around you to be supportive and accepting of the changes. Don't be afraid to share your feelings by acknowledging the changes and speaking about them with friends and family. Once you have identified the thought patterns that are causing feelings of unpleasantness you can tackle them head on by writing affirmations that are uplifting and positive. Repeat daily until the desired effects are achieved and a reality where improved post Eid mental health and wellbeing is manifested. 
  2. Practice gratitude: Ramadan is a reset button that can be the beginning of a new you. Break old habits by making new, better ones and learn to recognise the blessings that exist in the details, forgive failures and carry on practicing good deeds regularly, even if they are small. Gratitude is the road that leads to contentment, be specifically grateful. Make a list of specific things you were grateful for during Ramadan and make a list of things you are grateful for now that it is over. It is impossible to be both sad and also grateful. Gratitude is the key to fight feelings of discontent. 
  3. Forgive Failure: Revisiting our own failures or the shortcomings of others during Ramadan is a major cause for post-Eid grief. This is because at the beginning of Ramadan we have high expectations of what we will accomplish once Ramadan is here. However reality and challenges can be quick to humble us and cause us to fall short or even engage in sin. The worst thing to do is to despair and beat yourself up about the missed opportunities of good deeds or bad deeds. Always remember that no shortcoming is too great to be forgiven with Gods mercy and greatness. Remind yourself that you are only human and that means we will make many mistakes.  

Remember to fill your daily lives with good thoughts, gratitude, forgiveness and good deeds and remember that you can take your Ramadan practices as pieces of Ramadan with you throughout the days. Don't forget to celebrate all that you accomplished this Ramadan and seek forgiveness for any shortcomings. Teaching ourselves to be grateful for the large and small blessings lead down the road to contentment. 

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